Assassin’s Creed II Review

So the holiday season is coming up and I played and beaten two games this month. I checked out Assassin’s Creed 2 on the Xbox 360. Where I finally got my hands on it and able continue on the Assassin’s Legacy so let me give you my impressions on this game.

A nice view of the Villa. 

Assassin’s Creed 2]

First off I’ll start talking about Assassin’s Creed 2 on the 360. Before the game was released I thought it was going to be same old repetitive run and kill with the first game. The thing that kept me going onto the second game was the storyline, I have to admit the story is pretty impressive how they can fit non-fiction story with history and how it could be all be a conspiracy. So yeah taken from the first game you start off as the character “Desmond Miles” back in the Animas tracing his family tree through the eyes of a new ancestor. Etzio Firenzie Auditore in Renaissance Italy tracing clues back to the history of the first game. Well not to try to give out much of the story away I have to admit it is good and the momentum builds up.

The gameplay is pretty much solid as the first one but a few new tweaks to it. Battle system, equipment systems, and customizations has changed a bit… Yet not has much changed to the fighting and I was a bit Disappointed as the battles felt the same just that the enemies just took longer to kill. Yet you can learn new moves and new ways to fight but, it’s all not necessary as you can still counter attack on the chance or disarm a heavy armed soldier to kill them easily. I was hoping for a more newer fluid battle system. You can increase your performance by buying new armor to increase health and new weapons for damage also learn new moves from your battle trainer. You can pickpocket, blend near people to hide and even could invest in shops to may daily income.

Even though the battle may feel a bit familiar and the same but, the way you play isn’t the same. As you don’t get repetitive side quests until you wait further orders for an Assassination mission. You get a more redeeming style of quests in Assassin’s Creed 2 which is a big improvement to keep feeding the players to keep moving on. Missions don’t feel the same as you are given more obstacles, objectives and take on more action it makes the game more fun in my opinion.You can take on side missions, Contracts, find tombs and collect things.

The graphics are very renovating. As you have Renaissance Italy nicely scaled and detailed every block around the corner, you feel you are actually there and the towns feel lively. Everywhere you go it feels like you have never seen it before and you keep want to explore around. Voice acting is top notch all actors have a good tone and have rich Italian accent. Mixed with some Italian and mostly English dialogue, the voice acting is promising and I didn’t have any problems with it.

To wrap this up, I enjoyed the Assassin’s Creed a lot and glad at Ubisoft for improving the game. If you weren’t impressed with the first give the second one a chance. The game took me roughly around 10-14 hours rushing the story and probably 30 hours if you like collecting everything and getting the achievements. It’s a guarantee good buy but if your only going for the story it’s a good rent!

*Reviewed on December, 22, 2009*

– Richard


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