Bayonetta Review


Hideki Kamiya the man who brought you Devil May Cry, brings you a new thrilling climatic action packed game Bayonetta! I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this game since TGS 07 and finally it’s here and I manage to get my hands it came out on US release date. Haven’t really got to played when I got but, I finally settled down and beaten the game. It was a joyful experience and I will explain it in a bit in this review post.


I find Bayonetta concept a bit interesting and unique. The story of the game takes place in a paralleled world between earth and purgatory where you play as the main Character “Bayonetta” who lost all of her memories except all of her skills of a witch. Where she is pursuing her past in search of what happen between her and the two clans. The game shows flashbacks in each of the missions or so bringing you closer to the mystery bit by bit. Yet I feel like if I reveal any more of the story it might contain a bit of spoilers. The story is kind of quite interesting but it doesn’t build heavy momentum as the game has a lot humor and innuendos. So personally I can’t take the game seriously and enjoy all the erotic behavior of Bayonetta’s sense of humor.

PS3 Bayonetta with artbook and soundtrack.


The sound quality of Bayonetta is very good and no problems with the game. The game doesn’t have Japanese voice acting at all but, overall the English voice acting isn’t bad. Personally I love the British accent of Bayonetta and it’s done pretty well and the other characters has some good voice actors too. As for voice acting let’s not forget about the game soundtrack, the game features some pretty unique classy songs as cover songs of Frank Sinatra and some jazzy music. Which goes great for Bayonetta’s personality and goes with the flow with the battles. Great soundtrack if your into classic retro music redefine in a more pop kind of way. You can the soundtrack sold separately for a price as much as the game for maybe around 40-49.99. But it comes with about 150 tracks and might be more than you hope for especially for true fans.


I was very fond of the art and style of the game. As I liked roaming through the flourishing colorful environments with polished lighting and shadows around the world. The game has different areas from a 1940’s architectural cities to erupting luminescent volcanoes and to reaches beyond. The worlds are outstanding and realistically detailed, running smoothly. Each level is nicely scaled and not hard to loose track or sight of where you are going. Well as there has been quite a talk about consoles comparison, Platinum Games the developer of Bayonetta originally worked on the Xbox 360 version as Sega did a port to the Playstation 3 console. Yet there might be a difference between the two. With Xbox 360 have cleaner shaped world with less frames dropping and faster loading times, with the PS3 with some grainy colors, different tone of lighting and some loading times. It still runs goods for both console and still a game to pick for whatever you have. Nothing seriously wrong that makes the game seem broken, but there might be chance for a fix on the PS3 version to improve visuals.

Bayonetta’s Climax moves were you can pull of Demonic combos on your enemies.


This must be the part that everyone been waiting for to here about Bayonetta as Hideki Kamiya director of the successful Devil May Cry was known for. I find the game controls easy to be adjusted to and the learning curve of the game to be simple as other games to compare such as DMC and Ninja Gaiden. Even New beginners of the game could pick it up right away and learn the controls less than a minute, you can even practice your moves with helpful tutorials on the side in loading screens or practice mode. As beating the game on Normal it wasn’t that hard and it was fairly simple as the combos and evasions were easy to get use to. Along with weapons combinations, upgrades and techniques which you buy from the “Gates of Hell” store in the game. There isn’t too many puzzles or upgrades/skill trees you really need to know which makes it good for a beginner. Great combos, evading enemy attacks to activate witch time and counter with moves is a great added feature which makes the game revolutionizing. you earn awards, gain scores, medals and prizes at the end of each level so you can compare to friends and people all over the world or buy costumes and upgrades. The game is really fun and game play is easy like I said it doesn’t take a veteran or genius to get started right away. It’s re playable as there is things you can unlock with costumes, bonuses and people looking for a more harder experiences try the getting all the achievements on playing it hard.

Overall, The game is rewarding and a must have for hardcore Hack n Slash fans. But the game lacked some obstacles such as puzzles which I hope for and was pretty short. Yet I highly recommend it for people to try it out as it’s a Climatic action packed thrilled game. This game is worth a buy if your a person who enjoys action again and again with some new features to improve game experience.

*Reviewed on January, 2010*

– Richard


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