Alpha Protocol Review!

Alpha Protocol, the new espionage rpg released by Obsidian games and co-developed and published by Sega in June,1, 2010. Obsidian games known well for Knights of the Republic 2 and known for a developers of game sequels and RPG’s. I was quite surprised that Obsidian was going to make a game of their own that wasn’t a sequel with their own original concept and direction. Luckily for me I manage to scoop this game on Clearance on the PC for less than 20 dollars at an Local target. Well after completing the game right away I share my experiences with it on the PC and some console experience of it.

[Story] The story of the Alpha Protocol is centered around the main protagonist Mike Thorton. Who is lured in the secret organization from the game title “Alpha Protocol” which is private group of intelligence gathering and espionage with no links to any country’s forces and such. You start out in the story on top secret mission when you find out your own organization was lying to you and betrays you. So you are presumed Dead and now working for Alpha Protocol getting helped with your ally Mina Tang. Micheal Thorton, the main character you can make him as you want him too. Whether you choose his involvement in the story as Bad ass professional, Suave sweet talker, an Elitist, or a funny ass douchebag. Which whatever you try to make him in the story I have a feeling he’s mainly a narcissitic  two dimensional character the developers had in mind even though that sounds negative it actually kind of funny. Mina Tang the other character who is besides you is an intelligent supporting character who is sometimes blunt and feministic at times. As the game’s motto says “Choice is your weapon” you choose your involvement in the game with dialogue options which you can decide how you want to play it. Decide your allies and choice option in the games. For that aside I will explain the gameplay more later on. Overall the game story is very cliche and unoriginal something I’ve probably seen a hundred times. Cheesey dialogues, Cheesey characters and funny scripting. This game isn’t serious to be honest and it’s has so many puns it’s funny.

[Graphics] Alpha Protocol features the Unreal Engine 3.0 one of the popular engines that developers use. The graphics of this game seems far apart from this other current generation games by a lot. The architectures is pretty decent but the levels seem nicely decorated but you notice that the textures are undetailed. Look far away you notice just a slab of color and not much done to it and when you go closely you might notice some little texture but it seems like they didn’t go back and make this more detailed with the 3.0 engine. There isn’t really any dynamic lighting as you can see they put random lights and glow and added some motion blur when you move to make it look fast and cover up the minor details they did. Character models are decent atleast in models and facial expressions during dialogues and movements. A better job could of been done better for this project…

[Gameplay] As a game putting Espionage RPG below their title, the game is mainly a 3rd person action shooter than an RPG. The Role playing elements come from dialogue choices on making your decisions and character relationships you try to make. Where you select how you want to respond base on what emotion such as Suave, Professional, threat, casual and so forth. They don’t display a whole sentece reply so most of the time you don’t know what thorton is going to say up his sleaves. As from playing the game It’s mostly going to be a cheesey heroic line or a very big pun… As for the other RPG element you get costumizations options on changing thortons look, equipment and upgrades for leveling each time. One problem is customizations is limited and small and weapons end up looking the same. You choose Thortons fighting history as a Soldier, Spy and such to create a pre skill tree for him in stats. As for the action part it’s mostly a shooter more or less where you engage mission after mission running and gunning, the game doesn’t really structure the AI well too play stealthy. So picking the spy class isn’t going to work well. The Ai sometimes will just find you automatically , shoot you, run back or appear out of no where at times. It features some mini games for hacking and lock picking where in hacking you find corresponding codes in sets of letters or find a circuit by order and number and locking picking you move the joints to corresponding lines to unlock a box or so. Missions are fun at first but gets repetitive fast as possible. Boss fights are usually the same as the Boss runs behind guards and in circles to draw you of course you just gun them down.

[Sound] Voice acting is so far decent and not bad. I enjoyed Thorton’s voice as he gives out his puns, sarcasm and flirtacious remarks. Although the dialogue conversations can get long sometimes and they will just say random things to keep it going you can skip by pressing the mouse button. The tones of most characters are just like cartoony and not serious most of the time. I wouldn’t say monotone but not really an emotionally acted out.

So for the score Im going to give this is a 7/10!

Though I’m being a bit lenient I guess it was kind of fun but repetitive. But it did have some pretty funny diaologues that me laugh and the characters were funny to me. If your up to a cliche story action game but don’t care for story or repetitive game play, check out Alpha Protocol!


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